Have Faith

We all have faith. Every single one of us believes in something…family, friends, jobs, money, health, science, the law, God or religion, ourselves. Faith comes as naturally as breathing.

Every January, I choose a special word or phrase to focus on throughout the year. In 2019, my word is FAITH. Simple and yet a perfect representation of where I am and the obstacles I’m facing in my life right now. Faith is my anchor, my compass, and my reason to keep going when I’d rather give up. But if mine is a faith worth clinging to in the darkest and most difficult times, it needs to be tested. It needs to be proven. It’s not enough for me to claim I have faith unless I can explain WHY…unless I know what I believe.

Since the start of the year, I’ve spent time contemplating faith, both the broad concept and my personal faith. What do I believe in? How do I know faith is worth it? How do I know it works? When life is full of challenges, what do I fall back on? There’s a song by singer-songerwriter Pat Barrett, Into Faith I Go, that I’ve listened to a lot the last few months. One line jumps out over and over: “Faith is not some fragile thing that shatters when we walk through something hard.”

I have FAITH that failure is not the end of the road, no matter how much it stings when I fall flat on my face. Failure is only the end if I choose to quit and stew in that place of frustration and humiliation. Is it easy to get up and start over? Is it a cinch to move past bitter disappointment? Absolutely not. It can be scary to ignore the bumps and bruises and try again. It’s hard to start fresh when we know the possibilities, when we know how things could turn out. But faith keeps me from being immobile.

I have FAITH in wisdom and experience. I have friends who tell me they’d love to go back to their 20s when life was fun and easy and we could eat whatever we wanted, ha. No way. Not me. Are there things I would change and do differently? Sure, but then I wouldn’t be me. And I’ve already waded through so many onerous stretches–heartaches and heartbreaks, the consequences of poor choices and dumb decisions. I’d rather not repeat them! However, I’m grateful for the lessons I’ve learned. There is no shortcut to wisdom. Other people can share their experiences until their faces turn blue; but it’s not the same. Navigating the unexpected curveballs life throws at us–that’s where wisdom comes from. It’s like emerging from a dark tunnel into the light, reaching the top of a steep mountain, or seeing a prayer answered after years of asking. What sweet euphoria and relief to know we figured it out. We persevered. We persisted. We endured. And the next time we face a difficult hurdle, we remember.

I have FAITH that waiting is not a waste. Trust me when I tell you I haven’t always felt this way. While I was waiting for what seemed like eternity for the opportunity to host my own talk show, the waves of impatience threatened to knock me flat. I was SURE I was ready to handle the responsibility…except I wasn’t. I had to develop into a host who could manage the rigors of a daily show and grow into a female host who could withstand the flood of criticism and backlash. It was a slow process. As I wait for my chance to do NBA play-by-play, I try to remember I can use the waiting to practice and hone my skills so I’m prepared when the door opens! In my personal life, it feels like forever that I’ve prayed for a husband and family of my own. I don’t know why it’s taking so long; but I do know the stops and starts, the failed attempts, the relationships that weren’t right have all prepared me to be a better wife and mom when my time finally comes. I barely recognize the girl I was 15 years ago when I thought I was ready. Whenever we find each other, I can’t wait to tell him I waited for him.

I have FAITH that time spent on others is a worthy investment. It comes with getting older–we lose people we love and the people we love lose people. Those losses serve as sharp reminders of what matters most. Our time here on earth is finite. Building relationships, cultivating friendships, talking and sharing and laughing, lending a helping hand, showing kindness, even smiling at or speaking to strangers–these are ways I can truly impact and influence the world around me. In many cases, I may never know if my actions made any difference at all; but they COULD, so I will make the effort. I certainly know how much I appreciate it when others invest in me.

I have FAITH that time marches on. It can feel cruel. How often I wish I could slam on the brakes. But time also heals. It’s a blessing that it never stops. We can count on the sun coming up tomorrow.

I have FAITH that rest is a good thing! It’s alright to slow down, take a nap, read a book, smell the honeysuckle in my neighborhood, plant flowers, go on vacation without wifi, stop rushing, breathe deeply.

I have FAITH that I’m never alone. Lonely, yes. Alone, no. It may require reaching out, picking up the phone, speaking up, getting out of my comfort zone; but when I make the effort, it’s never in vain.

I have FAITH that I can choose joy even in the most difficult circumstances. Like love, joy is a choice, not an emotion. Counting all the reasons I can be thankful produces joy.

I know what I believe in and that faith keeps me moving forward.

My faith is my beacon. Hebrews 11:1



15 Responses to “Have Faith”

  1. Stephanie :-) Says:

    I love how you said there is no shortcut to wisdom–it is hard won! “Navigating the unexpected curveballs life throws at us–that’s where wisdom comes from. It’s like emerging from a dark tunnel into the light, reaching the top of a steep mountain, or seeing a prayer answered after years of asking. What sweet euphoria and relief to know we figured it out.” Yes!

  2. Dave Tessier Says:

    Having FAITH never was meant to be an easier road. It just means that, as you stated so eloquently, you are not alone.

    I have never met you, and on air personalities can be very misleading. But, having just read your very personal mission statement, one thing is clear.

    I have FAITH in you reaching your goals.

    Your brother in FAITH,


  3. Ron Fisher Says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I’ve had some setbacks with my health and forced into retirement early but my faith has carried me through.
    My sister lost her battle with cancer last year and the one thing that she always said was “I choose joy ” . It was refreshing to hear someone else say the same thing.
    Thanks again for sharing.

  4. Carol Howell-Stewart Says:

    Just. WOW. I cannot tell you how much this moves me! I am going to read it often and adopt your word for the rest of this year. Believe me, at age 60 & being separated from my husband, looking at losing my home & having to move, being estranged from my only child, and going through a crisis of Faith in God right now, I. Need. This, Amy. I could go on & on about how wonderfully this is written, & what an awesome person you are… I’m a night owl and have listened to you for years on KNBR in CA, and have honesty felt envious of you for many things. Today, I admire you even more and wish you our God’s Richest Blessings, Favor and future—better than you could ever imagine, as His Word says throughout. Know that you were used mightily by Him today to surprise remind me that He IS and will continue to be The God Who sees and hears me, as Rahab said. I hope I can meet you someday, Sister!!

  5. Faith is what is believed but not seen

  6. Michelle Says:

    Beautifully stated and all true. As humans, we need to learn to embrace our hardships and successes as learning experiences preparing us for the next chapter in our life.

  7. Amy, I love this post. I wish you would have said it though. ” It”. You started off by saying everybody has faith in something and included everything from fily, jobs, health, God and science. You don’t have to stand in a pulpit and preach during your post. But, as good as your post was, it would have been icing on the cake to read, ” for me, it is my faith in God and what he’s brought me through that gives me Faith and in these other things”.
    People need to know what gives you the faith and all the things that you said you had faith in. And I love your faith in action verse at the bottom, but for an unbeliever, reading the scripture down doesn’t mean anything to them.
    I Love your show, and your posts. and I love that you’ve been given an intelligent fresh voice that is different from the other talking heads in the industry to talk sports. And I love your faith. Never back down. Fight the good fight. The prize awaits.

  8. Michael Boles Says:

    Great post and so true! God’s timing is perfect and things will fall into place perfectly when the time is right.
    P.S. I love your show!

  9. That was amazing Amy

  10. Paulo Brasil Says:

    Amy you are the best. As I reading your blog every paragraph reminds me why I listen to you almost every night. Your positivity is inspiring, your faith shows in every word you speak, and most of all it seams unwavering! You are blessed and you continue share your blessings with us as listeners, readers, and admirers. Always know that you have prayer warriors in your corner, and never cease to ask for prayer!
    May your Faith be strong.

  11. Hebrews 11:1 changed my whole life. There was a period when I would sit and meditate on that same verse over and over. I learned that faith is an inner overcoming power given by God. It’s up to us to cooperate, which may require great courage and boldness. Faith gives you the inner sureness that you can trust the invisible God in the face of impossibilities. I’ve long suspected you were a Christian functioning under the constraints of our present culture in a public job. You do it so well and I love you like a sister, because you bring such warmth and fun and kindness mixed with solid knowledge.

  12. Phil Stevens Says:

    Hello Amy. I love your show. Over time it has been apparent that you are a person of faith. Hebrews is my favorite book of the Bible. As I’m sure you know, chapter 11 verse 6 says faith is necessary to please God but that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him. I hope the One who is the object of your faith is the person Hebrews teaches us about. As you entertain us in the early morning hours, may your faith be found in the Morning Star,

  13. Faith is such a hard thing. It requires us, by it’s very definition, to take our hands off the wheel and let someone else take control. This is hard for most of us that are so use to being in control of everything in our lives. To let God led means that we are left to follow (sometimes blindly). Faith leads to questions of when and why and where. This life is a journey and i hope yoir faith grows, flourishes, and creates a life that makes you eternally happy.

  14. Amy, it was suggested by a mutual friend that I might enjoy this and they were correct. I have faith and try really hard to not let it falter, but I am not perfect. Thanks for sharing, I look forward to reading more when you have the time…and if you are ever up in the RI area please do let me know I would love to meet you.

  15. Ken Freeman Says:

    My current fiancé & I waited 6 years til we finally met & are now engaged. I was a widower whose wife was suddenly taken from in a car accident. My honey went thru a few bad marriages but we prayed & finally met. We have SO MUCH IN COMMON THAT WE CAN ONLY COME UP WITH ONE SOUND ANSWER.
    KEN–in Georgia

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