I will readily admit that patience is NOT my virtue. It’s more of a lifelong pursuit that manifests itself in daily challenges. While I’ve come a looong way in my desire to be more patient in both heart and behavior, it will never be my strong suit, blah. To help me overcome what I consider my greatest flaw, I believe God repeatedly allows circumstances and situations that test my patience and require me to WAIT when I’d rather do the opposite. This last year offered several distinct opportunities to grow in patience, like it or not.

My Penny is the first dog I’ve ever cared for on my own. When I adopted her in March 2012, she had all the energy for which Australian Shepherds are known. She could GO forever and would tag along behind me when I ran. She hiked; climbed mountains; jumped over everything (!!); tracked down balls I threw for her; tore around in circles; even chased me around vehicles, bleachers and soccer goals at the local park. She always kept me moving, but in the last 12 months, Penny has slowed drastically.

She’s still happy and sweet and friendly; she still pesters me when it’s time to go out. But our walks are shorter and our pace is roughly the same as my 99-year-old Grammy. They can no longer be described as exercise, ha. When I leave for work at night, I have to wake her up and coax her outside. Since last summer, I keep a ramp in my car so Pen can get in and out without hurting herself. (A friend reminds me it could be worse: the ramp could be for me.) Stairs are a challenge; she stops to rest and catch her breath every two or three steps. However, she is determined and will NOT stay downstairs when I’m on the second floor, one of the many reasons I love her so much!

There are times when her plodding pace causes impatience to boil up inside me. I am tempted to maintain my long strides, even though I’d outdistance her. When I’m running behind and stressing, I want to pull her along. Instead, I remind myself how thankful I am for her companionship, loyalty and devotion. She will still follow me anywhere; it just takes her longer to get there. This year, I’ve learned to use our walks to breathe, enjoy the fresh air, think clearly, snap pictures of nature and find reasons to smile. Penny is teaching me patience, and I am grateful for every second with her, especially now that she’s twelve.

My first homeowner EMERGENCY also consumed a major chunk of 2021. When a back window sprung a leak during an early July storm, walls and a ceiling were ripped out. Two rooms in my house were rendered nearly unusable and stayed that way for three months, aaargh. The process of vetting contractors, securing estimates and waiting, waiting, waiting for the work to begin–it required every ounce of patience I could muster. Even after the contractor started, he was completely unreliable. He gave me a two-day schedule to complete the entire project, including paint. But he would cancel at the last second, disappear in the middle of a day’s work or make excuses about why he couldn’t be at my house. Seriously. The two days stretched into a month, and one room had to be repainted altogether.

It was a complicated summer with multiple tropical storms that dumped more than 25 inches of rain in my neighborhood. Even as I stewed over the contractor, I reminded myself the inside of the house was dry. The gutters and windows were fixed within a few weeks, so not even Ida caused more water damage. Looking at the positives and remembering all those days when I desperately wanted to be a homeowner–that got me through. I learned that changing my perspective is a key to being more patient, even when I’d rather scream and yell in frustration, ha.

Honestly, waiting for word from my employer about a new deal seemed a lot easier than waiting on Penny and my contractor. After two decades in broadcasting, I know business is conducted at a glacial pace. But the job still tried my patience in 2021. From preparing for a producer change to training a new partner (in the midst of football) to knowing I can’t pile on all at once to adjusting to a new boss, the challenges kept coming. So often, I was forced to dial back expectations and settle for less than my highest standards because of the limited support and resources available.

When I felt my blood pressure rise over work, especially those circumstances I couldn’t orchestrate or control, I would repeat to myself: “One day at a time, one show at a time.” Every 24 hours features its own unique hurdles. Why add more by worrying about a day I haven’t reached yet?? I’m still learning that steady patience with myself and other people results in lower stress levels and higher productivity, not to mention more peace and contentment.

Waiting on prayers to be answered and dreams to come true…that’s no different. Patience is paramount for the big picture and the long game. It’s not just 2021, but my whole life, offering these vital lessons.

When my brother and I were kids, we listened to a song about PATIENCE over and over. Some of the words (sung slowly by Herbert the Snail and his dad) are forever stuck in my head: “Have patience. Have patience. Don’t be in such a hurry. When you get impatient, you only start to worry. Remember, remember that God is patient, too. And think of all the times when others have to wait for you.”


27 Responses to “POUR ON THE PATIENCE”

  1. Ron Fisher Says:

    I’ve had many ups and downs and have had to learn to slow down myself. I’m not very good at it but I don’t have a choice. 4 major surgeries on my spine have made me slow down. My mind tells me I can still everything but sadly I can’t. I learned a while back that I am in control and I chose what makes me happy and sad. With much prayer I have learned how to do this. Aside from pain most days are good. God has shown me all that I can do. I’m now one of the pastors at my church,I’m on the board of a non-profit in our town,and I now have time to take my daughter -in-law to Dr visits , lighthouse for the blind training and various other things. Yes my life is so different than it used to be but I chose to be happy. Sorry for my rambling and punctuation but this is me and I’m happy with it.

  2. Jay Pierce Says:

    I totally understand you when it comes to patience. I am also not a patient person. Since 2019, I have had to try to be more patience given my situation. Hang in there. You are an inspiration to a lot of people. More than you realize. Warp speed ahead.

  3. Linda Milker Says:

    I read your blog and think—-I could have, should have written a blog too after a very challenging and stress filled year. Thank you for your authenticity and your words of wisdom. I hope you know how much good you do. Happy New Year!

  4. Randy Calkins Says:

    Our vet recommended a pill for Dogs that helps with the joints. Just an Idea.

  5. I also have that problem….being impatient……still learning to control….loved the little video about Herbert…..also love your radio show.

  6. Jim Dykstra Says:

    Amy, thank you for sharing. The author John Ortberg helped me in my battle with impatience; he taught me the spiritual discipline of “slowing”. Slowing occurs when other people or things stand in the way of where you want to be, the supermarket, the highway, at work. Rather than stressing thank God for the chance to slow down. Take deep breaths. Notice the people and things around you, maybe say a prayer for them. Slowing is God saying that maybe what we see as vitally important isn’t.

  7. My prayers are with you Amy. Patience is indeed a commodity to bestow, and blessed are those who have the captaincy to adhere to it when it’s required of them. Patience can be a challenge in a time when everything may seem to test it, but in the end we gain from it when that area of our personal growth is enhanced.
    As you maneuver through the circumstances that come to pass, remember that everything has a reason, a purpose, and its own timing. Don’t let a bad day, a bad encounter, a bad moment, or a bad situation have you believing that you’re enduring a bad season or that your life is bad. You may not be able to control how these things have transpired…but you can control how you respond to it. It’s about training your mind to holding a positive disposition. The day may not have ended well, but count your blessings that you are well and hold optimism in believing that better days are to come.
    Don’t tarnish the possibility of a good today by dwelling on a bad yesterday. Yesterday has already forgotten about you, yet you can’t live in the moment if you continually dwell in the past. So always believe in yourself and in the promise for a better tomorrow…it’ll give you the strength needed to get through difficult moments that are temporary.
    I don’t know if this response will post on your blog as a reply, but it is with hope these words will encourage you, for they’re typed with my utmost sincerity. Remember that God is in control, know that you are loved, and believe that all good things will come to pass for those who can patiently wait for it.

  8. Gordon Levy Says:

    You are a good person and I miss you. Omy local station, WCCP in Clemson, SC, dropped CBS in favor of Sportsmap. I have no insights into why the change was made. The latter is probably cheaper than the former.
    I want to wish you and your pooch well. There is no grief like pet grief

  9. David Rose Says:

    I adore you A-Law, and try to listen when I can (I split residency between DFW and Abu Dhabi). Thank you for sharing this. At 45, I’m trying to learn patience myself!

  10. Thank you for sharing Amy. Your honest and open approach is an inspiration and a point of reflection for those who’ve had the pleasure of listening to you over the years. Thank you for sharing yourself. May the good Lord bless you abundantly.

  11. Susan Berinato Says:

    Thanks for this blog on Patience – it was helpful and a reminder about what really is important. Good luck in all in 2022. Love your show.

  12. I may not fully understand what you are going through I too have to learn patience. I have cirrhosis of the liver. Every day I fear that I am losing my mind due to a buildup of toxins in my blood which the liver is supposed to remove. In 2020 I did lose my mind. I did not know my wife or any of my personal data. I ended up in the hospital and woke up after 3 days. I almost reached that point again on Christmas night. Luckily my wife was able to get me to take my medicine to help get rid of the toxins. However I still get fatigued fairly quickly and I have difficulty with my balance. I just have to keep track of a to-do list and pace myself. Just one day at a time.

  13. Eva wallace Says:

    My family and friends tell me I have All the patience in the world, maybe I can share (lol). I want to work on having gratitude and being Thankful! Thank you for sharing. May our heavenly father grant you Patience!! Love, love, your show.Happy, Healthy,Patient New Year!🤗

  14. David Earhart Says:

    My first AA meeting, a lady was talking about getting thru the next 5 minutes.
    I said to myself, next 5 minutes, I have things going on later in the day,next week! The hell with next 5 minutes.
    I’m coming up on 32yrs sober, I can relate to the next 5 minutes, left foot, right foot, breathe!
    Keep coming back, God has you! And Penny, enjoy the ride!
    Painful at times, But worth every minute! And when the time comes, Be there till the last breathe!! Love.

  15. Amy,
    I absolutely love your show and your personal approach to the show. I get up early just to listen to you. Thanks for starting my day in such a positive vibe! I also have issues with patience and control. Having to accept that my body can’t keep up with my mind requires more effort than I’m not always willing to give. It seems like you are doing just fine on your path (personal and professional) and I hope to enjoy your show for many year to come. Blessings to you, Penny and of course Grammy Helen in the new year!
    Pam-Baltimore, MD

  16. Tom Collett Says:

    Amy you are welcome respite to the priblems I think are important in my life only to find out they are not. Life is way to important to let pressure battle your happiness. Live your time with Geanny Helen and of course miss Penny. 18 months ago my wife if 51 years was diagnosed with Acute Myloid Leukemia and that’s when I learned how unimportant most things are. She has taught me about strength, courage and understanding. She has also taught me that each day is indeed a blessing and is to be cherished. She is in a clinical trial now and doing well at 72 years young. I can tell from your voice that you are a very loving and caring person and you bring light to all of thise you touch. I’ll keep listening and I’ll add a little prayer for peace for you as you travel forward. Speaking speaking the truth and sewing the seeds of kindness and the fruit will be sweet.

  17. The comments about Penny were touching, I’ve been there too. You’re very inspirational Amy, thank you for your Blog.

  18. Chris Sagliano Says:

    Pets are like family and contractors are like snakes chose wisely and bless your doggie

  19. Amy, my pastor tells me things come together in God’s time, not necessarily in our time. Rather than stress over something, place it in His hands and leave it there. I didn’t embrace that philosophy until I was 60. Now I’m nearing 70. I look at my life and realize how much time I lost stressing over things not I’m my control. You’re too young to stress so. Penny is there to slow you down, to teach you patience. Listen to her.
    Thank you for your insight into the world of sports. I only get to listen to your final hour but I truly enjoy it
    Looking forward to hearing you in 2022.

    • I appreciate your support, sir. God is teaching me valuable lessons, and I am never far from Him. I always have his peace, regardless of circumstances, even when I rail against life’s challenges. Thank you, Amy

  20. Patience in all things slow and steady wins the race. When you get a chance go to abc.com and look for A Very Boy Band Holiday and see Joey Fatone try to sing I Wanna Hippocampus for Christmas

  21. Hi Amy,,keep going in the same direction,you will be fine,,love the show,and the stories of your pooch,My cat is 17 ,here you about old age and our love for them,bye for now! Jeff

  22. I know you must struggle… with the professionalism, effort and soul you pour into your show with a corporation, who determines your future with their company, seems to disregard the importance of your career and value to their company. It must be maddening.

    I enjoy your podcast and am in awe of your skill to talk so effortlessly.

    One never knows where the next turn may come.

  23. Prayers to you now & for your future…patience is a God gift I rarely have been willing to receive. The last 2 years has made me more resilient & added some patience in the mix. The day before Thanksgiving, 2019 – the love of my life for 20 years surprised me & walked out on me & filed for divorce. During the 2020 pandemic, I moved myself & our 2 dogs (she didn’t want anything to do with them) across country. Purchased a new house but thanks to the supply chain – wasn’t finished for 7 months while my dogs & I lived in a hotel room (now THAT was a patience tester). Then I found out I have cancer & have been receiving radiation treatment.
    Yes, life throws you many curve balls & it feels like you’re striking out all the time…but some day that grand slam WILL happen & happiness, joy & love will surround you (at least I hope so!). Be patient for that time!

    • I will keep you in my prayers as you go through treatment, Joe. Despite all the challenges in life, my faith in Jesus gives me joy and love and peace always, regardless of circumstances. Here’s to many blessings in 2022! Amy

  24. Wanda Brown Says:

    I pray for you every morning on my way to work. You are the reason I listen to sports radio. You make it interesting! I really miss you and pray that all goes well with every single aspect of your future, By the way, I have quit listening to the morning show as it just isn’t as good.

  25. Evan Greenberg Says:

    It was great to finally see some pictures of Penny. I’ve heard you talk about her so many times on your late night radio show which I enjoy on weeknights.

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