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Away We Go!!

Posted in Uncategorized on January 4, 2013 by amylawrencepxp

Hard to believe 2013 is nearly a week old! Hope the first stages of the new year fill you with new hope, new direction, new anticipation, and new enthusaism for what’s to come. I can’t thank you enough for the outpouring of support , encouragement and kind words since I took this new job with CBS Sports Radio. From family and friends who’ve known me forever to former colleagues to people I’ve never actually met in person, the response has been truly overwhelming. You’ve made me smile countless times over the past week, and boy, have I needed it in the midst of total chaos. Ha!

Everyone’s lives are busy around the holidays, but honestly, it’s never been quite this crazy for me. I quit one job where I spent nine years; drove from Connecticut to Ohio to Washington DC in the same week to see family and call a Hartford basketball tournament; found a temporary place to live in northern New Jersey; packed as much as I could in 36 hours; said good-bye to my church family after 5 years; took the Hartford team bus to Binghamton for an overnight stay and game; signed a lease; and hopped the train to Manhattan for my “first day at school” with all its paperwork,  introductions and training. In the midst of all that, I’ve spent hours emailing back and forth with my agent and new producers and friends who are just finding out my news because I was delinquent in sending Christmas cards. Sorry!! Thanks for loving me anyway.

So here I sit at the little dining room table in my new apartment with boxes and suitcases everywhere (and the cleaning supplies calling out to me) while the emails, text messages and phone calls keep coming. Yet today, it’s different. As the sun sets and the hour for my first CBS Sports Radio show draws closer, my brain is gently moving everything else aside into various compartments (of which there are many for us females). The reason for my excitement is the chance to dive into a new radio opportunity headfirst. To talk sports with passion, humor, and enthusiasm and to pull together with a talented team and interact with a brand new group of sports fans — that’s what drives me!  It’s almost time, and all the ancillary details can wait until after the show is over. It’s finally gameday!

Thanks for all of your inquiries about the details of my debut. My shows will air Fridays and Saturdays from 11p-3a PT (2-6am ET) as well as Sunday from 10p-2a ET (my absolute favorite time slot ever). There will be other shows to host or co-host as time goes on, so I’ll keep you posted. First things first, we’re asking sports radio fans on Facebook & Twitter to help us name the weekend shows. I’m sure the suggestions will provide some comedy! Feel free to submit your names at @ALawRadio on twitter.

You can find a list of CBS Sports Radio stations around the country on so check out the website to see how you can listen over the air. You can also listen to the live stream on-line at that same web address. For those of you who prefer to listen with your phones, iPads or other devices, download the app from “Tune In” or!

Can’t wait to share this experience with you! Thanks again for caring as much as you do. It wouldn’t be any fun if I was making this journey alone. I look forward to your feedback as we launch this weekend. Couldn’t have picked a better time to hit the airways on CBS Sports Radio — the first weekend of the NFL playoffs! Wooooo! Go Time!