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My Glamorous Life

Posted in Uncategorized on February 20, 2013 by amylawrencepxp

Whenever I mention household chores or life’s mundane tasks or my busy schedule, I inevitably receive hysterical responses on Facebook and Twitter — asking me why I’m doing my own laundry or cleaning the bathroom or why I’m driving myself when I could use a car service. Some even suggest “my staff” should do it for me. Haha! I am a staff of one (unless you count my pets). No entourage, no assistant, no staff and I prefer to do it myself anyway. Somehow people get this idea that working in TV and Radio automatically means you have an unlimited supply of money, resources, and manpower at your disposal. Nothing could be futher from the truth. Though I love my life and my jobs, there’s nothing glamorous about them. I’m an average girl who’s blessed with a career about which I am passionate. I also have a knack for getting myself into the most ridiculous situations; and from the last week, I have two stories to share which illustrate the decided LACK of glamour in my life.

After a basketball game on CBS Sports Network last Saturday, I sat in the Birmingham airport waiting for my flight to depart from Charlotte. Unbeknownst to me, three inches of snow in North Carolina was about to throw the whole mid-Atlantic into flux. After hearing a few announcements about the flight being delayed, I started to worry about my connection in Charlotte and getting home for my CBS Sports Radio show that night. I spoke to a US Airways ticket agent and re-booked on a later connection; but I also noticed everything in the airport shutting down: restaurants, Starbucks (thankfully, I snagged a coffee first), even TSA. There were no other options in Birmingham. Either get to Charlotte that night or get stuck. US Airways warned of no hotel rooms in either location, so we were likely to spend the night in an airport if we couldn’t reach our final destinations. With all of my work responsibilities on Sunday, staying put was not an option; and when they cancelled our flight six-and-a-half hours later, I had to find another way out. Using my new iPhone and my mom (on her computer in Ohio), I discovered an alternate route home…from Atlanta! Before the rental car counters all shut down, I paid through the nose for a one-way rental; hopped in the car with a travel companion who I met in line and who was, thankfully, NOT an ax murderer; and made the three-hour trek across the interstate to Atlanta. Yep, so glamorous!

In Atlanta, there was no place to sit since dozens of other people were stranded by the massive snowstorm in Charlotte. The only option was the floor of the terminal where I sat off and on for the next three hours, using Twitter to keep me company. I also spent an hour on the phone with my radio show, telling stories and talking sports with the fill-in host. When I finally landed in Newark aroun 9:30am, I’d been up 26 hours and felt like a zombie. The muddled brain would explain why I nearly broke down in tears when I couldn’t find the parking lot. I’m pretty sure the airport attendant thought I was mentally unstable as I tried to described where I left my car. Then the parking charge was nearly $100 which almost caused me to cry again. Ha! No time for tears, though, since I had to be in Hartford for a women’s basketball game in 3 hours. It was the game of the year against the first-place club as well as our annual Pink game to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research. Unfortunately, I had no time to stop at my house so I was the only one in the arena NOT wearing pink. In fact, my only option was the suit I wore on TV the day before. Luckily, it didn’t smell too bad. SO glamorous.

After the game, I had to jump back in the car and return to New York for my Sunday night radio show. Don’t ask me how I remained coherent, though I was main-lining coffee. My producer managed to snag some great guests, including the Miami player who nailed the game-winning shot against Clemson AND my favorite media writer from Sports Illustrated, Richard Dietsch. But I vaguely remember putting my head down during commercials and being unable to keep me eyes open while talking. By the time I got home after the show, I’d been awake 43 straight hours! Insane, even for me. That’s my new record.

Thankfully, I slept for nearly 6 hours before it was time to head back to CBS and host an afternoon show on President’s Day. Surprisingly, I felt good which sets up my final story of the weekend — my “welcome to NYC” moment. Because I felt good, I dressed up in a sweater and nice pants, my 3-inch heels, and a brand new winter white coat. The show went very well, and I received a ton of compliments so I was feeling even better when I stepped on the subway platform in Manhattan. That’s when I heard a pop and felt something oozing into my shoe. I looked down to discover a ketchup packet exploded all over my right heel and up my black pant leg. All I had in my bag were a couple oatmeal packets, so I smeared the ketchup around with those. On the crowded subway platform, people saw the red goo and assumed I was bleeding so they began to stare. However, when they finally caught a whiff of the ketchup, the stares turned to snickers. I finally smeared enough ketchup away to roll my pant leg back down, only to feel it oozing all down the INSIDE of my pants. Eeewww! Double eeeewww! I smelled like ketchup all the way through my dinner appointment. Awesome and especially glamorous.

I’ve made dozens of people laugh with my stories in the last few days, even sharing the ketchup incident on Twitter. So now you know — my life is not the least bit glamorous. It’s humorous and ludicrous and ridiculous and there are times when I’m delirous. But I wouldn’t change a thing. Who wants glamour anyway??

Caution: Six Weeks of Craziness Ahead

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I said farewell to Penny this week. I already miss her, and it’s only been two days. Only five-and-a-half weeks to go. Boy, do I wish my dog could read so she’d know why I left her with family in New Hampshire. Even though I hate not seeing her every day, she’ll get more exercise and attention in the Granite State than she will with me since I’ll be traveling, working, and spending nights in 11 states between now and mid-March.

If I knew last spring that my life would be turned completely upside down in the span of 10 months, I might not have adopted Penny. I’m SO glad I didn’t know because she’s MY dog. She was supposed to be my dog all along, so I’m making it work as best I can. The sacrifice is a small price to pay for an awesome new opportunity with CBS Sports Radio! Five weeks in, I love the unique challenge of each show. Obviously, you couldn’t ask for a better time to launch a sports radio network than the NFL postseason; my first month was driven by jaw-dropping moments and all-consuming storylines. The last ride of Ray Lewis; the bold run by the Niners behind their brash leader; the upsets in Denver and Atlanta; the timid exit by the Patriots; and finally, the power outage at the Superdome and Baltimore barely hanging onto its second Super Bowl title in franchise history. Throw in Lance Armstrong, Manti Te’o, some Lakers drama, and Alex Rodriguez — and your month is packed to the gills. The new show is called “After Hours with Amy Lawrence.” And coming up on President’s Day, I’ll fill in for Doug Gottlieb on his midday show (3-6p ET). No doubt, CBS Sports Radio is the right place for me.

In addition, I still have the privilege of doing radio play-by-play for Hartford women’s basketball. CBS stays flexible with my schedule so I don’t have to give up my other passion. What a blessing! It does require some crazy long days — like getting off the air in Manhattan on a Saturday at 6am, driving out to New Jersey to retrieve Penny, and then making a beeline to Boston for a noon tip. I stopped at a service plaza on the interstate to walk, feed, and water Penny; and since she was exhausted from the early morning and the drive, I left her to sleep in the car in the shade on her favorite blanket. We do this all the time because she loves road trips and would rather come with me than be left at home. Pen will nap while I grocery shop or run errands, but apparently, the Boston police officer manning that particular street didn’t see it that way. He gave me a ticket for leaving my dog in the car — ha! I’m still laughing out loud at that, two weeks later.

So there’s my full time job at CBS Sports Radio plus Hartford basketball and Sunday, I start traveling for CBS Sports Network. It’s a college sports channel, and I’m thrilled my agent could drum up six games in six weeks on TV! Thanks, Matt! This will give me a chance to showcase my basketball knowledge and TV presence and potentially open a door for more play-by-play/color down the road. While TV is NOT my favorite and definitely high-maintenance, this is a great way to raise my profile for future basketball opportunities. My journey will take me to Bethlehem, PA; Birmingham, AL; Raleigh, NC; El Paso, TX (might as well be Mexico); and New Orleans. Can’t wait!

If Penny could read, she’d know I don’t want her to be bored by herself while I’m traveling all over God’s green earth. Basketball season is my favorite time of year, and I’m thrilled to chase this passion all over the country. However, I’ll be just as happy when I can drive back to New Hampshire to get Penny. We’ve already developed a nice routine for our new life in New Jersey, and I look forward to settling in. For now though: three jobs, two homes, and 11 states over six weeks. Ready, Set, GO!